New PPA for OpenIMSCore FHoSS

Written by Rob Day in VoIP on Sun 06 July 2014. Tags: ims, hss, packaging,

A while back, I got in touch with the Fraunhofer FOKUS team behind OpenIMSCore, with some fixes I wanted to make to their HSS, and ended up being granted commit access to their repository. I've now made those fixes and wanted to distribute them more widely, so I've ...

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Four cool things from KamailioWorld 2014

Written by Rob Day in VoIP on Tue 15 April 2014.

A week ago I got back from KamailioWorld in Berlin, where I was giving a talk on performance testing. I really enjoyed myself - it's a nicely-run conference, and it's useful to talk to the broader open-source community and find out about new trends (WebRTC, stronger cryptography) and tools ...

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Notes from the December 2013 Clojure eXchange

Written by Rob Day in Code on Tue 07 January 2014. Tags: clojure,

Last month, I went to the Clojure eXchange in London (run by SkillsMatter). I've been meaning since then to write up my notes from the most interesting talks, so here goes. You can see all these talks (and others I've not mentioned) at ...

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