Technical projects

I'm involved in a wide variety of open-source projects, either personal ones, through work, or contributions to larger projects. This page lists a selection of them by language.



  • The cluster management and configuration sharing tools for Project Clearwater are written in Python - I designed and implemented the core state machine.
  • nose2dep, a nose2 plugin for expressing a preferred running order for unit tests
  • mpinfo, a Python package for retrieving information about UK Members of Parliament.
  • I've contributed bug fixes to ostn2python (a GIS helper package for Python) and robin (a Doxygen helper tool).


  • I've written a Diameter stack in Ruby, which is robust enough for me to base a test suite on it (
  • While writing that stack, I also contributed various fixes to the ruby-concurrency library it uses.
  • I'm the maintainer of quaff, a Ruby gem for writing telecoms test scenarios. It is inspired by SIPp (see C++ above) but with a focus on ease of use, and integration with other tools, rather than performance.
  • The orchestration and test layers of Project Clearwater are written in Ruby.


  • I'm a committer to the OpenIMSCore HSS, including both bugfixes and new features (such as the IMS Release 9 IncludeRegisterRequest/IncludeRegisterResponse options).
  • I've contributed to the Kunagi agile project management tool.