Collected resources

Improving as an engineer

Developer Book Club | Henrik Warne's blog

12 resolutions for programmers

On Being A Senior Engineer | Kitchen Soap

Dan McKinley :: Thoughts on the Technical Track

The Secret to Growing Your Engineering Career If You Don't Want to Manage

Software design


The Art of Unix Programming

Good coding style

Engineering management

101 Questions to Ask in One on Ones « Building Customer Driven SaaS Products | Jason Evanish

Engineering Managers Should Code 30% of Their Time | Dr Dobb's

Conducting Effective and Regular One-on-Ones - Moz

Keys to Starting 1 on 1s with your team --- Medium

What I wish I knew when I started them with my team

Status Updates: Why they should never be part of your 1 on 1s

Status updates are a key part of being a manager, but having status updates in one on ones is a huge waste. We share alternatives to make one on ones great.

One-on-ones: What Every Employee Should Know

What should you expect as an employee who has one-on-ones with their manager? We share what employees should do to make the most of their one-on-ones.

Notes on Startup Engineering Management for Young Bloods

The Manager as Debugger

becoming a manager was hard for her

Text Career Ladder, public - Google Docs

How Google Sold Its Engineers on Management

How to Make Things Happen | Scott Berkun

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You and Your Research

/users/fp/simonpj/docs/papers/giving-a-talk/giving-a-talk.dvi - giving-a-talk.pdf

Research is communication - giving-a-talk-slides.pdf

./mathwriting.dvi - mathwriting.pdf

The Biggest Thing Amazon Got Right: The Platform | Gigaom

How to write a good research paper and give a good research talk

#24 -- How to get the most out of conferences | Scott Berkun

Elevator Pitch 101

Seven Steps to Better Presentations by Jeffrey Veen

manuscript.dvi - speaker.pdf

How to Give a Bad Talk - BadTalk.pdf

Min / Max Note Taking for Conferences | Scott Berkun

The Right Way to Practice

Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces

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Coming Home to Vim / Steve Losh

Vim documentation: usr_21

Accessing the system clipboard - Vim Tips Wiki - Wikia

Highest Voted 'vim' Questions - Stack Overflow

Russell91/sshrc: bring your .bashrc, .vimrc, etc. with you when you ssh

tbaggery - Effortless Ctags with Git

Vim: Seven habits of effective text editing

Vimdoc : the online source for Vim documentation

Daily Vim: Text Editor Tips, Tricks, Tutorials, and HOWTOs

vim-cpp/cpp.vim at master · vim-jp/vim-cpp

vi-vim-cheat-sheet.gif (GIF Image, 1024 × 724 pixels)

Vim anti-patterns | Arabesque

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Ask a Manager

The @Get_Lighthouse Blog on Leadership and Management


A Life of Productivity -- Practical ways to get more done

Git from the inside out

Git from the Bottom Up

Blog Interesting - 32 Ways to Keep Your Blog from Sucking - Scott Hanselman


Documentation {#documentation add_date="1462659215" last_modified="1464608403"}

scribble - icfp09-fbf.pdf


[1063 IEEE standard for software user documentation - IEEE Std 1063-2001


Best Practices for Writing Unix Documentation

7. Documenting Python --- Python Developer's Guide

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E.W.Dijkstra Archive: On the teaching of programming, i.e. on the teaching of thinking. (EWD

E.W.Dijkstra Archive: The pragmatic engineer versus the scientific designer. (EWD

E.W.Dijkstra Archive: "Craftsman or Scientist?" (EWD








Productivity Hacks -- Medium

On Showing Up to the Table -- beerops

Code as Craft, Etsy's Engineering Blog



Code Simplicity » Effective Engineering Productivity

Testing {#testing add_date="1474745770" last_modified="1483571402"}

Exploration Through Example

Agile Testing: More on performance vs. load testing

Agile Testing: Performance vs. load vs. stress testing

The (Lack of) Testing Death Spiral


A Context-Driven Approach to Automation in Testing - cdt-automation.pdf

Great Resources -- Magnifiant: exploring software testing

testingmanagement -- Ramblings on testing, management and self-development

general | Testing Community Slack

The Testing Planet 2016 | The Dojo

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Producing Open Source Software