Podcasts on the command-line, in Rust

Posted on Sun 08 April 2018

I've been listening to more podcasts recently on my commute and at the gym, including New Rustacean and AB Testing. I currently use Clementine to manage my podcasts, but it's not perfect - the "Copy to device" menu option was greyed out this morning, so I had to copy podcast episodes …

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Can testers prevent problems?

Posted on Mon 25 September 2017

I read recently that testers can't prevent problems, with the specific example that if a tester found an issue while reviewing a design or prototype before any code had been written, the mistake had still been made and caught by testing. I thought that in one sense this was pretty …

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Lightweight presentations with represent

Posted on Sat 09 July 2016

I've been trying to find a good, lightweight way to write technical presentations for a while now. Specifically, I'm looking for one that avoids some of the common problems with Powerpoint:

  • no need to mess around endlessly with styles, fonts etc. - it should look good out of the box
  • easy …
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Using Python and Pandas to check HTTP load distribution

Posted on Mon 30 May 2016

Since writing my previous post on using standard Unix shell tools to analyse a HTTP access log, I've been thinking about how to do this with more standard data analysis tools. Using Pandas and Matplotlib, which are the main Python data libraries, you can get a bit more fine-grained control …

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Intermediate Vim: Macros

Posted on Sun 24 April 2016

(I previously posted on another Vim feature, sessions, which you can find here).

Macros have been the bane of my life in Vim for a little while. I didn't really know what they did, so I never used them, but sometimes I'd mistype :q as q and Vim would print …

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