Learning Rust

Posted on Sat 04 November 2017 • Tagged with rust

I've been learning Rust recently, and it's the first new language (with new concepts, like borrowing) I've learnt for a while - probably the first since Clojure in 2013. I thought it was worth writing up exactly what I'm doing to learn it, in the hopes that it's useful for others …

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Concurrent-ruby and Minitest

Posted on Sun 07 December 2014

I spent some time earlier today debugging an interesting interaction in Ruby between minitest/autorun and concurrent-ruby, and since none of my searches on it turned up quite the right answer, figured I'd write up my notes.

I'm currently writing a Diameter stack in Ruby, partly because I need a …

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Notes from the December 2013 Clojure eXchange

Posted on Tue 07 January 2014 • Tagged with clojure

Last month, I went to the Clojure eXchange in London (run by SkillsMatter). I've been meaning since then to write up my notes from the most interesting talks, so here goes. You can see all these talks (and others I've not mentioned) at http://skillsmatter.com/event/java-jee/clojure-exchange-2013.

Speech …

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Reconfiguring an AWS Elastic IP with Pallet

Posted on Sun 08 December 2013 • Tagged with clojure, devops

I was recently playing around with Pallet (as an offshoot of some of the DevOps-style cloud provisioning work I do on Project Clearwater), and had a bit of trouble getting from Pallet to the underlying jClouds API (I was using 1.5.5).

Specifically, I wanted to associate an EC2 …

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London Clojurians - October 2013 Clojure Dojo

Posted on Wed 30 October 2013 • Tagged with clojure

I was at the London Clojure Dojo last night, and worked on 4clojure problem #146. I'm not going to post my code - that feels like a violation of the spirit of 4clojure - but I am going to talk about a cool feature of the Clojure 'for' macro that I discovered …

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